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Solar Site Survey

In this is the first step in the solar design process, our team travels to the project site to collect and evaluate the technical information required to perform the project design.

As an alternative, you can download our Site Survey App to acquire the data necessary we need to design the a residential or a commercial solar system for you:

Download the Susten Solar Design App

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Solar Design

SustenDesign offers professional services of solar design, including feasibility studies, structural engineering evaluation, system performance and financial projections, building permit application submittals, and the writing of solar RFPs.

SustenDesign help clients streamline all phases of solar projects.

Get Your System Designed

Project Feasibility Evaluation

Our engineering team identifies red flags that may prevent a solar system from being installed as desired by clients. We work with solar companies to identify risks and the best solutions.

It helps to avoid delays and maximize the project payoff with higher energy generation.

Check Your Project Feasibility

Permitting Expeditor

Our permitting experts have both the administrative and technical expertise to expedite the permit approval process in order to get your project moving as quickly as possible.

We provide regular updates so that you always know the status of your permit process while focusing on what you do best, therefore increasing your project turn-over and profit.

Expedite Your Permits’ Approval

Turn-key Projects

Our “Solar Service Pack” is customized per client and may include: site-surveys, engineering plans, permit applications and the installation of solar systems as it is the most cost-effective and efficient way to accelerate the growth of our customers.

Whether your solar business need support in sales, installs or turn-key solutions to expand your operations, we can help you in every stage.

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